HME Odyssey

Hear the difference. HME's industry leading digital drive-thru Wireless IQ system has Enhanced noise cancellation makes the customer's order even clearer which improves the speed and accuracy of your crew. With and advanced speaker system designed specifically for the drive-thru, creates a better overall experience for your customers.

A choice of headsets. Mix and match three headset models. The cordless Odyssey IQ for all-in-one convenience, the Wireless IQ belt-pack, or the cost saving Odyssey "Listen-only" headset. All of the Wireless IQ headsets are comfortable and lightweight and offer superior, consistent clarity.

Multi-channel possiblities, Unlike analog systems digital Wireless IQ allowsmultiple crew memebers to talk simultaneously. Interaction between managers and staff improves communication resulting in faster orders.

The HME IQ uses the Bat41 for power and the battery charger is an AC40

HS6000 repair cost $150

HME 6000 Beltpack repair cost $79 plus parts

Refurbished price $629.00 for HS6000 $399.00 for Beltpack