It started with analog. Then came the very first digital drive-thru system from HME the HME Oddesey IQ which ushered in the age of faster service times and greater order accuracy, thanks to the unmatched clarity of digital sound.The Ion IQ takes the drive-thru system beyond digital with groundbreaking, new sound enhancement technologies, restaurant management capabilities, and the smallest all-in-one headset at the time.

Its unique design means fewer moving parts and greater reliablity. Constructed with diecast parts, for even greater durability over time. The Ion IQ features a highly directional microphone that isolates sound better and delivers superior clarity every time. The Ion IQ also has a larger range than previous headsets systems, that can reach out at parking lots, it also resists drop outs and interference caused by stainless steel walk-in coolers.

Groundbreaking Message center. With the HME Ion IQ now setting customer greetings is easier than ever. You are now able to schedule up to 12 customer greetings throught the day. You can use this to promote specials improve check averages. The HME Ion IQ can also be programmed to remind your employees to wash hands, stock the station, check bathroom, all without interfering with drive-thru order taking. As well as customizeable greetings, reminders for employees, the HME Ion IQ with additonal sensors can alert you if a customer walks into the lobby or if the backdoor is open.

The HME Ion headset system uses the Bat50 battery and the AC50 for charging. If you have questions reguarding your HME Ion system feel free to call CSI of Oklahoma at 877-266-1785

HS6100 repair cost $190

Pricing $825.00 new - $495.00 refurbished