HME Zoom Timer

HME's Drive-Thru Optimization System (DTOS) combines ZOOM, Leaderboard, and HME CLOUD to deliver the industry's most comprehensive drive-thru management system. Whether you're identifying bottlenecks at the store level or comparing the performance of multiple stores DTOS provides the data needed to improve service speed, drive sales and increase profitability.

Zoom Drive-Thru Timer

Running a profitable drive-thru takes speed, accuracy and the ability to adapt to ever-changing conditions. That's why HME, the world leader in drive-thru timing created the ZOOM Drive-Thru Timer System. ZOOM's advanced design provides complete visability into your entire drive-thru operation. Its intuitive, multi-color dashboard provides a clear picture of what is happening in the drive thru in real time. This allows managers and crew to instantly identify bottlenecks and take immediate action to speed things up.

HME Drive-Thru Leaderboard

Compatible with ZOOM and HME CLOUD, HME Drive-Thru Leaderboard compares and ranks store speed-of-service on an easy to read, in-store display. Emplyees can monitor their store's ranking and take action to improve their overall standing. This real-time multi-store comparison fuels a friendly competition among stores that also improves service speed, employee productivity, and your bottom line.

HME CLOUD Enterprise Management

By combining ZOOM with HME CLOUD, you can compare and analyze performance data from multiple stores to easily pinpoint performance data from multiple stores to easily pinpoint performance improvement opportunities for your entire operation.

HME CLOUD allows you to quickly view store rankings and identify what each stores needs to succeed. Effortlessly compare your restaurant at the top level, and drill down into specific stores. To examine the details to better understand problem areas and resolve issues. With HME CLOUD, you can set goals and control settings remotely from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, giving you complete control of your operationanytime, anywhere.

Dashboard Display

ZOOM's easy-to-read dashboard allows employees to instantly see how they're doing and find ways to improve their speed. Use real-time information and instant feedback about performance to take action.

Customize the dashboard to fit your store's drive-thru configuration. The intuitive color display changes from green to yellow or red based on set goals to help motivate employees to push for better service times. The ZOOM dashboard can be customized to show up to eight real-time events in a single, dual, or "Y" lane configurations.

ZOOM also makes it easy to show the information most important to you. Select pre-configured metrics to appear on the dashboard, or configure you own from tracking the time between any two detection points.

Goals and Pace

Crew members perform best when they work toward goals. ZOOM enables you to set goals for time and total cars for employees to strive to beat each hour. You may also display the percentage of goals met to track overall goal success. ZOOM's pace metric estimates the total cars that served at the end of the hour based on employees' speed of service. It shows employees if they're on track to reach their goal or if they need to speed things up.

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